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Ballarat Roadworthy Services

Ballarat Roadworthy Services

Ballarat Roadworthy Services

About Ballarat Roadworthy Centre . . .

Who are we

Fleetcheck Aust Pty. Ltd Trading as Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is the place Ballarat people turn to for roadworthy certificates.
Our premises are conveniently located at 35 Martin Drive. Delacombe.

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre was built specifically for the testing of cars and trucks for roadworthy certificates and the repair of cars , light trucks and buses.
Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is owned by Ian and Carmel Kelly who have many years experience in the industry.
Our friendly Mechanics: Ian, Clinton, James and Josh can help you with any roadworthy, car repair or service requirements you may require.

Our modern clean workshop and latest equipment means that we keep on top of the game when it comes to repairs and service.

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is your one stop roadworthy shop!

To get a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle, simply make a booking, drop your car off and we do rest.
After checking your vehicle for roadworthiness, we let you know if any repairs are required and will give an estimation of cost to rectify any faults, carry out repairs and return your vehicle complete with roadworthy certificate. Items like globe and wipers can be done on the spot. Or you can arrange for the repairs to be done and return the vehicle within 7 days for a recheck at no extra cost.

Perhaps you may need a service, we can fix this too, yes even book services, using genuine parts if you choose. We have the latest computer scanning tools.

Fleetcheck Aust Pty. Ltd. Trading as Ballarat Roadworthy Centre
Accredited VACC Automotive Repairer ( use vacc logo)
Vicroads licenced 8365LVT.HV.LBT.LPG. Roadworthy Testers
Vicroads inspectors for VIV20036 written off vehicle identification validation

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is an accredited vicroads licensed vehicle roadworthy tester for light vehicles, that’s cars and light commercials, we are also accredited heavy vehicle testers as well, that’s for trucks. Our accreditation covers buses and taxis also campers. We are even approved roadworthy testers for LPG vehicles.

We have been appointed by VicRoads as Vehicle Identification Validation (VIV) inspectors.

What Do We Do
  • Roadworthy checks on cars, trucks, buses, taxis, campers, and vehicles on LPG.
  • Headlamp aiming
  • Pre Roadworthy Checks
  • Safety Checks
  • Brake Repairs
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Steering
  • Engine & Drive Line
  • Service & Book Service
  • General Repairs
  • Service and repairs on cars and light trucks
  • Brake roller testing (only comercial brake roller tester in Ballarat )
  • Specialist service and repairs to light buses Coaster, Rosa and Hiace commuter.
  • Bus annual roadworthy testing
  • Suppliers of daily check and defect reporting books to bus and truck operators Australia wide
  • Supply label and hammers for bus requirements
  • Give advise about roadworthy and VIV requirements
  • VIV inspection for written off cars
  • And More!
Core values

Our staff are happy, healthy and safe at work and are rewarded appropriately. They should feel they are a family in the business. They should be given the training and equipment to carry out the expected responsibilities.
Our customers safety and road safety are our priorities. Customer have a right to be treated politely and to get the service they expect within the confines of the regulations we are given to work with. (the job is done right, no rip offs)

Core purpose how we earn a profit; we help customers the general public get vehicles back on the road whether it be RWC, VIV or repairs.

Our Goals

Short term- to remain profitable, this will be done by managing staff and resources to maintain through put of work to make a profit.

Long term- to have the business in such a profitable position that we find someone to take over business.


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