Roadworthy Certificates
Ballarat Roadworthy Centre was built specifically for the testing of cars and trucks for roadworthy certificates and the repair of cars, light trucks and buses.

A roadworthy inspection mainly covers the major safety related items, including:

wheels and tyres
steering, suspension and braking systems
seats and seat belts
lamps and reflectors
windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers
the structure of the vehicle itself
other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

The cost of obtaining a Certificate of Roadworthiness is not fixed. It may depend on the age, type and condition of the vehicle being examined. You can ask for a quote from Ballarat Roadworthy Centre.

To get a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle, simply make a booking, drop your car off and we do rest.
After checking your vehicle for roadworthiness, we let you know if any repairs are required and will give an estimation of cost to rectify any faults, carry out repairs and return your vehicle complete with roadworthy certificate.
Items like globe and wipers can be done on the spot. Or you can arrange for the repairs to be done and return the vehicle within 7 days for a recheck at no extra cost.

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