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Ballarat Roadworthy Centre

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre

Welcome to Ballarat Roadworthy Centre . . .

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre believe it is important that people continue to service their cars even if they are new.

"The cost of servicing a modern day vehicle is cheap compared to the cost of repairs if we neglect to service them at all"

From our Delacombe workshop, Ian and Lawrie are able to provide roadworthy inspections and service and repair a huge number of makes and models of cars.

We believe it is often the basic things people forget to check regularly that can cost them huge amounts of money in the future.

"We are talking about things people know but just don't think about doing"

Headlights should be clean and you must have clear vision out of your windscreen.

Brakes should be checked every 10,000kms and, if you have any noise coming from them, they need to be checked.

You shouldn't have any abnormal feeling if you turn the steering wheel and it should be smooth.

Most people never check their tail lights, brake lights, or reverse lights but they are one of the most important things you need while driving.

  Ballarat Roadworthy Centre
Ballarat Roadworthy Centre  

We often come across cars from owners who were driving them in an unsafe condition.

We are Qualified VicRoads Licensed Testers for both R.W.C. and Written Off Vehicles. We are also members of the VACC.

"We carry out all the repairs and servicing. We have been working in Ballarat for 13 years. Professional roadworthies are done by professional people"

For a friendly and efficient service contact Ballarat Roadworthy Centre today - before you undertake that long awaited drive or holiday - on 5335 8920.


  • Make sure your headlights are clean.
  • Ensure you can see through your windscreen.
  • Brakes should be checked every 10,000kms or if there is a noise coming out of them.
  • Turning the steering wheel should be a smooth motion.
  • Check tail lights, reverse lights and brake lights are working.

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