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Brake Roller Testing Ballarat

Ballarat roadworthy centre is equipped with the only Maha brake roller testing system in the Ballarat region, Our Brake roller tester takes the guess work of brake operation and efficiency.  

Details in Brake Roller Testing

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre we have the only fixed brake roller tester is Ballarat, The MAHA is world leading German Engineered and Made roller brake tester.

The tester measures braking performance at each wheel allowing us to efficiently pinpoint any issue within the braking system.

 MAHA brake testers have “Dynamic Deceleration” and these units offer excellent repeatability along with time and date stamped printed reports and is compliant with NHVR requirements

How often do brakes need replacing and inspection is a question we are often asked, we recommend having them accurately checked by a qualified technician every six months.

This includes a brake fluid test as brake fluid loses its effectiveness over time because it absorbs moisture. Once the brake fluid is contaminated with water it can rust your braking system components and will boil at a lower temperature and will cause low brake performance when this occurs.

If you can feel any unusual vibrations or hear any noises while braking, you need to have your brakes inspected right away.

We offer brake testing on all types of vehicles with our significant range of brake testing equipment ensures you’re in safe hands.

Brake Roller Testing

At Ballarat Roadworthy Centre we have the only fixed brake roller tester in Ballarat. Our MAHA brake roller tester is one of the most advanced brake testing units available on the market. It will effectively measure each wheel’s braking performance allowing us to pinpoint any issues with the braking system.

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