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Roadworthy Inspections

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is your local Car, Truck and Bus Inspection Centre for Victorian Roadworthy Certificates.

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is here when you require a roadworthy certificate on your Car, Truck, Bus or Motorhome. Our highly trained staff will make the whole process as efficient & clear as possible.

We are a VicRoads, NHVR heavy vehicle inspection & Bus Safety Victoria accredited inspection centre.  For all your Roadworthy Certificate requirements Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is here for you.

What is inspected?

A Certificate of Road worthiness (also known as a 'roadworthy' or 'RWC') shows that your vehicle is safe enough to be used on public roads. A roadworthy is required whenever a vehicle is sold, if it is being re-registered, and to clear some defect noticed. The roadworthy inspection is including checks on the following.

A roadworthy inspection covers safety related items, including:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering and suspension
  • Brakes
  • Seats and seat belts
  • Structural components of the vehicle
  • Windscreen, and windows
  • Emission & exhaust systems
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine

What isn’t checked

The roadworthiness test isn’t a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of a vehicle. A Certificate of Roadworthiness does not mean that:

  • the vehicle is in top condition without any wear or deterioration
  • non-safety related accessories (such as the air conditioner, rear window demister and rear-window wipers) are working
  • the items checked during the roadworthy inspection will continue to function after the inspection, e.g. a brake light can stop functioning at any time after the inspection
  • the vehicle complies with all of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs)

How do I obtain a roadworthy Certificate?

To get a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle, simply make a booking, drop your car off and we will do the rest.

After completing the roadworthy inspection, we let you know if any repairs are required and can give an estimation of cost to rectify any faults, carry out the repairs required and return your vehicle complete with the roadworthy certificate.

Items like globes and wipers can usually by replaced on the spot. 

You can arrange for the repairs to be completed yourself and return the vehicle within 14 days for the date of the first inspection.

How Much is a Roadworthy Inspection? Understanding the Cost of a Roadworthy Inspection

If you're wondering, "How much is a roadworthy?" and "What does the cost of a roadworthy inspection entail?" you're in the right place. This guide aims to shed light on the factors that influence these costs and what the inspection process includes.

What is a Roadworthy Inspection?

A roadworthy inspection is a comprehensive assessment that checks if a vehicle adheres to the minimum safety requirements. It covers several key areas, including the vehicle's brakes, lights, tires, steering, and structural integrity, ensuring it's safe for road use. The necessity of these inspections cannot be overstated, as they significantly contribute to road safety by preventing potentially unsafe vehicles from being used.

Exploring the Cost of a Roadworthy Inspection

The question of "How much is a roadworthy?" doesn't have a one-size-fits-all answer. Several variables come into play, including:

  • Vehicle Specifics: The make, model, and age of your vehicle can affect the inspection cost, with some vehicles necessitating more detailed checks.
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Light Vehicle vs Heavy Vehicles

Detailed Cost Breakdown of a Roadworthy Inspection

The primary component of a roadworthy inspection's cost is the labour involved in conducting a thorough check. However, the total expense encompasses several other elements, including:

  • Administrative Expenses: These are the fees associated with processing your roadworthy certificate and the necessary paperwork.
  • Licensing and Certificate Fees: Costs related to the legal certification and documentation required for proving your vehicle's roadworthiness.
  • Use of Specialist Tools: The employment of specialised diagnostic equipment to accurately assess the condition of your vehicle.

Preparing for a Roadworthy Inspection

To navigate the roadworthy inspection process smoothly and potentially minimise costs, consider the following advice:

  • Maintain Your Vehicle: Regular upkeep can help avoid significant issues that might be flagged during the inspection.
  • Perform a Pre-Check: A basic examination of your vehicle's critical components, such as tires, lights, and brakes, can help identify and rectify simple problems beforehand.

Final Thoughts

The cost of a roadworthy inspection is influenced by various factors, but understanding what contributes to the price and what the inspection entails can help you prepare effectively.

See below for our current roadworthy inspection price list. For further inquiries or to book a roadworthy inspection, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your vehicle meets all safety standards, providing peace of mind for your road journeys.

Our Roadworthy Inspection Checklist

Have you ever wondered what goes into a roadworthy inspection? At Ballarat Roadworthy Centre, we believe in transparency and empowering our customers. That's why we're offering you a glimpse into our comprehensive roadworthy inspection process. Our basic checklist outlines the key areas we assess to ensure your vehicle meets all safety standards.

Before scheduling your roadworthy inspection, you might find it helpful to review our checklist. This way, if you're inclined, you can pre-check your vehicle's condition and address any potential issues. Our goal is to make the inspection process as smooth and hassle-free as possible for you.

Take a moment to explore our roadworthy inspection checklist. If you have any questions or are ready to book your inspection, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Second Opinion Roadworthy Inspection Defects

At Ballarat Roadworthy Centre, we pride ourselves on operating an open and transparent business, ever-aiming to enhance our services and offer unrivalled customer service. We recognise that there may be instances where you disagree with an item that has been marked as failed on your vehicle's roadworthy report.

Understanding that such situations can arise, we have in place a straightforward yet comprehensive review process to address any concerns:

  • Initiate the Review Process: Fill out our online Failed Items Review Request to begin the review process.
  • Second Opinion Inspection: Upon receiving your request, we will assign a different inspector, who wasn’t part of the initial assessment, to connect with you and meticulously reassess the disputed item.
  • Understanding the Outcome: If, after a thorough review, the item continues to be categorised as a fail, it will remain on the report. However, this detailed review process will provide you with deeper insights into the reasons behind the failure. Conversely, if the reassessment concludes that the item meets the standards, we will promptly update this one the vehicles second inspection ensuring the sign off is as efficient as possible.

Our commitment to transparency and fairness is unwavering, and our review process is designed to resolve any discrepancies or misunderstandings promptly and effectively. Ensuring the safety of all vehicles and their passengers is our utmost priority, and we are devoted to providing you with an accurate and transparent assessment of your vehicle’s roadworthiness.

Bus Roadworthy Inspections

Ballarat Roadworthy Centre can provide Roadworthy inspections on all buses, our workshop is set up for the purpose of bus roadworthys big and small, our technicians have a vast amount of bus industry experience and are up to date with current changes and requirements.

How to Buy a Used Car

This video 'Transferring registration - Buying a used car' explains the steps you need to follow to buy a registered vehicle.


What Our Clients Say

  • Car was in for a roadworthy test, car was looked after perfectly, staff were great to chat with and job was performed quickly, thanks:)


  • Great honest place for a road worthy or standard service 5 stars.


  • Excellent service with our recent RWC and repairs.


  • Mechanics here are amazing, I've had 2 cars roadworthied through them, didn't fix anything without prior approval and assisted in finding a cheaper price for an expensive fix


  • These guys stick to the rules for RWC which is commendable for this industry. Highly recommended for RWC. Always had good service.


  • Excellent communication, and the RWC was done on time. Highly recommended, and will use them again.


  • Superb Experience ! Loved the customer service, the roadworthy process and above all the trustworthiness of this place.

    If anyone is worried you don't know mechanics personally and that you are gonna get ripped off, worry no more, Ballarat Roadworthy Centre is the place for you.



  • I needed a roadworthy and they were super friendly and amazing , they were able to do it in a timely fashion , great communication by them and the girls at the front , 100 percent recommend , thanks so much


  • Got my RWC from these guys to register my new car, really lovely and communicative. very easy process.


  • Fantastic place to get your car roadworthy. Very helpful and informative on what needs to be done and as for servicing the mechanics really do an awesome job with quality parts and oil. Really reasonable pricing too. Plus the customer service is also fantastic! Thanks guys.